A Dickens Christmas Carol

Cambridge Community Players
Cambridge, ON

A DICKENS CHRISTMAS CAROL A Comedy by Marc Landon Smith Directed by Steve Robinson From the author of Faith County and Faith County II comes the funniest Christmas Carol ever. The Styckes Upon Thump Repertory Company embarks on their fifteenth annual tour of the Dickens classic. When the company’s diva feigns illness, certain the production will be canceled, this merry troupe of over the hill and upstart actors carry on without her. Roles are shuffled and the sweet understudy suddenly finds herself on stage knowing only one line of dialogue. She has written her part in and on almost everything, including the Christmas pudding! Midway through the doomed performance, the diva rushes in to reclaim her role. Total mayhem ensues as the company scrambles to keep the show going while everything goes hilariously wrong.

Evening performances: November 25, 26, December 2, 3, 9 and 10, 2016 Matinee: December 4, 2016

2016/17 Season Subscription $65

Cambridge Community Players
Cambridge, ON

You receive one ticket for all four of our shows (a savings of $11.00) These include; - The Games Afoot - A Dickens Christmas carol - Albertine In Five Times - Don’t Dress For Dinner

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Albertine In Five Times

Cambridge Community Players
Cambridge, ON

ALBERTINE IN FIVE TIMES A Comedy by Marc Landon Smith Directed by Robin Bennett

Playwright Michel Tremblay imagines an independent and complex French Canadian housewife in five different decades of her life. The five actresses playing Albertine are on stage at the same time, allowing them to interact, sharing a lifetime of memories. Albertine at 70 is moving into a senior citizens’ home. It’s not the best of places, but she seems ready for it. She remembers herself at 30, visiting her patient and sympathetic sister Madeline in her summer home. At 40, she is worn down by the constant fighting between her mother, her unmanageable daughter and her son. Albertine at 50 has found a job and a life for herself. However, at 60, Albertine is confined to a small room in a hospital, hooked on drugs and wracked by guilt.

Evening performances: January 27, 28, February 3, 4, 10 and 11, 2017 Matinee: February 5, 2017 DON’T


Don't Dress For Dinner

Cambridge Community Players
Cambridge, ON

DON’T DRESS FOR DINNER A Comedy by Marc Camoletti Adapted by Robin Hawdon Directed by John Edwards

In a stylishly converted French farmhouse, Bernard is planning to entertain his chic Parisian mistress for the weekend, whilst his wife is away. Everything is planned, nothing can go wrong…. Until his wife decides not to go away after all, his best friend turns up unexpectedly, the friend has to pretend the mistress is his, the wife is having an affair with the friend, the cook gets mistaken for the mistress, the mistress then has to pretend to be the cook… Still following? Could it all get worse? Well yes actually, but it would take too long to explain here. Suffice to say that the complications and contrivances mount at breakneck speed to an inevitable nuclear conclusion.

Evening performances: March 24, 25, 31,April 1, 7 and 8, 2017 Matinee: April 2, 2017

CCP Membership 2016/17

Cambridge Community Players
Cambridge, ON

This for the active member that works on our productions, be they an actor or someone that helps back stage. With an active membership you get to vote at all General Meetings and the Annual General Meeting. Valid from July 1st to June 30th.



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